Documentary SAGRADA gains theatrical release in 18 cities in France on May 18, 2014

Stefan Haupt´s SAGRADA will be shown in 18 cinemas thruout France on May 18, 2014.

Paris Latina

Paris Arlequin

Paris Escurial

Paris Majestic Bastille

Paris Mistral

Paris Caumartin

Paris Lincoln

Paris Parnassiens


Boulogne Cinema Landowski

Nantes Concorde

Rennes Ciné TNB

Lille Majestic

Nancy Cameo

Grenoble Mélies

Montpellier Utopia

Avignon Utopia

Bordeaux Utopia

Toulouse Utopia

US distributor FIRST RUN FEATURES acquires all rights for SAGRADA

New York based veteran independent film distributor FIRST RUN FEATURES has acquired all rights for Stefan Haupt´s SAGRADA – THE MYSTERY OF CREATION. The deal combines all North American rights. The film is set for a theatrical release in 2014.  SAGRADA  is further set for theatrical distribution in Spain and France in early 2014.

The deal was negotiated by Beatrix Wesle on behalf of Atrix Films/Fontana Film and Marc Mauceri for First Run Features.

December 26, 2013: Top broadcasting date for SAGRADA – The Mystery of Creation

On December 26, 2013 the Swiss Station SRF will host the premiere broadcasting for Stefan Haupt´s documentary „SAGRADA – THE MYSTERY OF CREATION“.

Do not miss the showing: