Beautiful Bitch

Beautiful Bitch

“Nobody understands my name “Bica” when we first meet.
My friend Milka started to call me Bitch instead. Beautiful Bitch.”

Bica lives in a run-down apartment in a big city, working with a gang of organized young pickpockets. She saves her share of the loot for a future life with her little brother. When Bica steals from a man at a shopping mall, his beautiful, rich and very spoiled daughter Milka follows her. A friendship develops between the girls, but when Milka and her friends discover Bica´s job and unbearable existence, they team together to help her.

Bica’s attempt to break free from her Romanian gangster boss results in chaos, and turns her world upside down. With her hard-earned money gone, she returns to Bucharest and discovers that her favourite part of life is being free.

A film about a young woman will to break free and how friendship overcomes cultural differences.

Director                     Theo Martin Krieger

Cast                           Katharina Derr, Patrick von Blume, Sina Tkotsch

Contact for Rights:

Riva Filmproduktion GmbH

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