Buy Borrow Steal

Buy Borrow Steal (aka Miss Conception)

Buy Borrow Steal (aka Miss Conception)

BUY BORROW STEAL is the ultimate comedy with HEATHER GRAHAM about one woman´s hilarious attempts to find the perfect guy to help her become pregnant in 4 days or less!

About the film:

Georgina (Heather Graham), a gorgeous 33 year-old, is shocked to discover that early menopause runs in her family and that her baby-making-days are numbered. To make the most of her last cycle she enlists her friends Clem (Mia Kirshner) and Justin (Orlando Seale) to help her find the right candidate to father a baby.

Since there are only four days left in which Georgina can conceive, a quick battle plan is drawn up. But the more desperate Georgina becomes, the more frantic becomes the search for Mr. Willing & Able. In a madcap attempt to beat her ticking biological clock, Georgina targets internet sperm donors, interviews night clubbers, questions construction workers and doesn’t even stop short of seducing funeral-goers in her quest for motherhood.



Director                        Eric Styles

Producer                      Doris Kirch

Writer                           Camilla Leslie

Co-Producer                Michael Morales

DOP                              Ed Mash

Editors                         Tracy Stewart Saville, Danny Tull

Music Composer        Christian Henson

Cast                              Heather Graham, Mia Kirshner, Tom Ellis, Ruta Gedmintas, Orlando Seale

Producers:                   Blue Angel Films Limited with Miromar Entertainment AG in association with BBS Productions Ltd

Genre                           Romantic Comedy

Year                              2008

Length                         94 min

Language                    English

Format                        35 mm

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