Sagrada – el misteri de la creació

SAGRADA el misteri de la creació

Sagrada (by Stefan Haupt)

Theatrical documentary (90 min.) , TV Documentary (52 min), 2012

About the Film:

The “Sagrada Família” in Barcelona is a unique and fascinating building project by a brilliant, formerly controversial genius, Antoni Gaudí, with an army of workers, a history with many highs and lows and a myriad of questions raised. The biography of the edifice, which has been under construction since 1882 and is about half completed today, is the starting point for Stefan Haupt’s film SAGRADA, el misteri de la creació.

Filmmaker         Stefan Haupt


Length               90 min; 52 min (tv version)

Format              Digital Cinema

Sound                SRD

Language          Spanish, French, English with English subtitles, French and Japanese subtitles

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