Tengri – Blue Heaven

Tengri - Blue Heaven

Temür, a thirty year old Kazakh, returns full of hope to find his father in the Kyrgyz Mountains. He locates the nomad mountain village, but his father has passed away a long time ago. Temür decides to stay and meets Amira, a beautiful young woman. Temür supports Amira, realizing to late that he has fallen in love with the young married woman. Amira and Temür become lovers. When Amira´s husband returns from war, the couple is forced to leave the village. Between East and West they invent a universe where life again becomes worth living.

Script                              Marie Jaoul de Poncheville, Jean François Goyet

Director                          Marie Jaoul de Poncheville

Executive Producers    Emmanuel Schlumberger and Frank Müller

Line Producer               Dieter Horres

Art Director                   Charles Castella

Camera                          Sylvie Carcédo, Frank Müller

Editing                            Catherine Quesemand

Sound                             William Franck, Ingo Burghardt

Cast                                 Albina Imacheva, Ilimbek Kalmouratov, Hélène Patarot , Taalaikan Abazova, Nikolai Marousitch

Genre                             Drama

Year                                2008

Length                            110 min

Language                      Kyrgyz/Russian with English, French, German Subtitles

Format                           35 mm, 1:2,35, Dolby Digital SRD


L Films, Emmanuel Schlumberger, Paris, France

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