Turtle: The Incredible Journey

TURTLE: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY is the story of a little loggerhead turtle, as she follows in the path of her ancestors on one of the most extraordinary journeys in the natural world.

Turtle: The Incredible Journey

About the film:

Born on a beach in Florida, she rides the Gulf Stream up towards the Arctic and ultimately swims around the entire North Atlantic across to Africa and back to the beach where she was born. But the odds are stacked against her; just one in ten thousand turtles survive the journey.

She faces many hazards, her siblings are lost in the doldrums of the Sargasso Sea, she comes face to face with creatures of the deep and nearly dies at the hands of fishermen. She travels up north but she drifts from her life current, the Gulf Stream, into dangerously cold waters.

When she finally reaches the Azores on the other side of the Atlantic, she sees the greatest celebration of life on the Earth as sperm whale and baitballs explode from the water. But deep and powerful changes are happening in the oceans – the fish are disappearing, sea levels are rising, the turtle’s birthing beach could be washed away and bring a way of life to an end.

The Gulf Stream is like a huge river in the ocean. About 50 miles (80km) wide it travels at some 5 miles per hour (8kph)!



Turtle: The Incredible Journey

· Sea Turtles undergo one of the longest migrations of the natural world

· Loggerhead turtles can grow up to 800 lbs (364 kg) and 3.5 feet (1.1 m) long

· Loggerheads can swim at speeds of up to 15mph (24kph)

· Loggerheads have been around for more than 200 million years

· Sea turtles are one of the oldest living reptiles

· Loggerheads lay on average around 100 eggs

· A female loggerhead tracked at sea made up to 500 dives every 12 hours

· Turtles can rest or sleep underwater for several hours at a time

Cast & Crew:

Narration                              Miranda Richardson

Editors                                  Richard Wilkinson, Sean Barton

Director of Photography   Rory McGuinness

Producers                            Thomas Springer, Helmut G. Weber, Katharina Bogensberger, Helmut Grasser,

Beatrix Wesle, Solveig Langeland

Executive Producers          Chris Clarke, Zorana Piggott, Mike Tims

Script                                    Melanie Finn

Produced by                        Sarah Cunliff, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor

Directed by                          Nick Stringer

Technical Details:

Genre                             Documentary

Running Time               80 min.

Production Year           2008

Format                           35 mm, 1:1,85

Sound                            Dolby Digital SRD

Co-selling with Sola Media GmbH

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